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Leonard Nimoy Starring in a Music Video by Bruno Mars


Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song [Official Alternate Version] starring Leonard Nimoy (with appearances by William Shatner and Spock - kind of.)

Here are some reactions to the video. Without wanting to take anything away from, or diminish, what is said about Mr. Nimoy in the post above about him appearing at a Clickers and Flickers photo group meeting, I think this commenter on Trek Movie raises a valid point.

29. Hermioni - May 27, 2011

My personal, immediate reaction to the Bruno-Mars-Lazy-Song music video: What a fantastically entertaining piece and truly cleverly conceived, hilarious deconstruction of Mr. Nimoy´s regular public persona as a wise and highly dignified elder statesman of show business, :-) …

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Leonard Nimoy Stars in a Music Video and it's Awesome
Spock is back, in all his urinating, porn-loving glory.

Leonard Nimoy announced his retirement from acting last year, but that hasn't exactly slowed the Star Trek icon down. He has continued to do voiceover work, including his recent return to Fringe in a trippy animated sequence and he'll be voicing the character Sentinel Prime in the upcoming Transformers: Dark of the Moon. And on top of that, Nimoy has in fact appeared on camera one more time, in a rather awesome music video.

Nimoy is the star of the new Bruno Mars video, for "The Lazy Song." It features Nimoy like we've never seen him before, in many very funny ways. And it seems apparent he's playing himself, thanks to the jokey appearance of another Star Trek alum, via some TV show clips. If this ends up being Nimoy's true, final on-camera acting role, it's a pretty great way for him to take a winking bow and enjoy his well-earned rest and relaxation.

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Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy Un-Retires for Bruno Mars

What. The. Hell.

So just how retired is retired, anyway? Because from the looks of Bruno Mars' latest music video for "The Lazy Song (Official Alternate Version)," Leonard Nimoy might have a whole new career on his hands. As what, you might ask? Well, how about a shiftless layabout cruising around town in a bathrobe, stashing up on milk, porn, slapping and flipping off neighbors as he goes?

No, I did not make any of that up. You've got to see the former Star Trek icon's performance in the video to believe it. And feel free to snicker when one or two other famous Trek stars make a brief appearance.

Of course, while the "how" of getting Leonary Nimoy [sic.] to appear in the music video remains a mystery, this is hardly the first time we've seen Nimoy break his supposed retirement. The sci-fi legend recently reprised the role of Fringe's William Bell (albeit only in voice) for episode "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide," and will be heard once more as Sentinel Prime in this Summer's Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Watch the video for yourself, but set your eyes for stunned.

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The why and how was explained by Leonard Nimoy himself in an e-mail to Trek Movie:

I met Aaron Bay-Schuck in 1985 when I was preparing to direct St IV. He was 4-1/2 years old. I married his mother in 1989. Aaron is the Atlantic Records exec who signed Bruno Mars to the label.



Leonard Nimoy with Bruno Mars.

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Bangles Greatest Hits (1990)


12 Weird and Awkward Eighties MTV Videos We Swore We’d Hallucinated

Bangles, “Going down to Liverpool”

Leonard Nimoy played the Bangles’ driver as a favor to his son, who was a college buddy of Susanna Hoffs. Not surprisingly, then, this video is a masterpiece of Awkward Interaction With Your Friend’s Dad, with lots of strained moments, side-eye, and Nimoy pulling “WTF” expressions — all of it, of course, totally sweet in its own way. Plus, at two minutes in, the car stops in a tunnel, and for about twenty seconds, it seems entirely possible that Nimoy has driven the Bangles there to kill them.

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