Every Child Foundation (2010)
The video Leonard Nimoy narrates for the Everychild Foundation that his wife Susan supports is now available on YouTube.
NASA Dawn Mission Video

NASA has send out a probe to learn more about the dawn of our solar system. Video

NASA: DAWN - Mission to 2 Asteroids
You can watch it on or download the video from NASA.
The Brain's Inner Workings
Video from the National Institute of Mental Health on YouTube.




Basic Television Terms (1977)
Educational video about how TV is made.
Making of Mission Genesis (1997)

Leonard Nimoy narrates the making of Mission Genesis, a 1997 SciFi Channel show. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Once and Future Griffith Observatory,The
"Mr. Nimoy narrates the colorful history of Griffith Observatory, using stills, movies and never-before-seen WWII documentary footage. The tour takes you through the entire Observatory, highlighting the new state-of-the-art exhibits throughout." See Friends of the Observatory for more about the DVD.
Our 20th Century (2010)
Video. There are a few more clips available on YouTube, and the whole 4 DVD set can be ordered from Amazon, who write "All of the top news stories of the 20th Century in one collection consisting of four DVD's that will bring hours of fun, entertainment, and history into your life. From amazing highlights of great moments in baseball, football, basketball, golf, horse racing, and past Olympics, to fashion changes throughout the decades, and top entertainment news, this collection captures all of the great moments of the 20th Century." The set will be produced on demand "using DVD-R recordable media"
Silicon Valley's Renewable Energy (2009)
Leonard Nimoy narrates a video for the Santa Clara Valley Historical Association. They have put up clips of the video on YouTube.
Remember when we were told the (digital) world would end in the year 2000 because when inventing computers someone forgot to figure in that storing years with only two digits would come back to bite them in the posterior at the change of the millennium? To help people prepare for the scenario, videos and books like these were devised.




Star Trek: Judgment Rites
Leonard Nimoy did the introduction to a set of special features for the Star Trek: Judgment Rites Collector's Edition. (more)
The Search for Live in the Universe
Description on the Buhl Planetarium page: "Are we alone in the universe? Host Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek's Mr. Spock) poses this question, which has puzzled humanity since its beginning. Learn about the attempts being made to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Examine the ingredients necessary for life on our planet as we ponder the possibility of life in our solar system and beyond."
Documentary About Beth Sholom Designed By Frank Lloyd Wright (2009)

The Jewish Exponent writes: "'It's probably the only synagogue that people would know just by the name of the architect,' said historian Susan G. Solomon, author of the recent Louis I. Kahn's Jewish Architecture: Mikveh Israel and the Mid-century American Synagogue. (...)

'Frank Lloyd Wright and Rabbi Cohen clearly had this extended, remarkable conversation about what's Judaism, what's religious symbolism, what goes into a religious building,' said Cooperman. 'There was an awful lot about Jewish meaning that Frank Lloyd Wright just didn't know, because he was this Unitarian. So there was this complimentary relationship between the two, where Rabbi Cohen supplied the words and Wright supplied the visuals.'

The installation at the visitor center -- including a 20-minute documentary narrated by Leonard Nimoy -- will largely focus on the give-and-take between the religious leader and the architect. The new exhibit will feature multimedia stations where folks can delve into different facets of the shul's story. (The center will be located in one of the building's lounges, and the room will serve other purposes as well.)"

Introduction to Boston Science Museum's IMAX/Mugar Omni Theater Sound System (1980's)

Visitors to the Science Museum in Boston might remember him from the introduction to the sound system of the museums IMAX/Mugar Omni Theater in the '80. Listen to it on Vimeo