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Star Trek's 46th Anniversary




Leonard Nimoy Ponders the Rumors Appearing in the Next ST Movie

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Trek Movie is doing a backward roll today about reporting Mr. Nimoy’s involvement:

In TrekMovie’s report we made it clear that nothing has been officially confirmed by Nimoy, the studio or anyone associated with the Star trek movie. So technically everything reported by us and anyone else at this point is considered rumor. And it is entirely possible that the reporting is not correct.


On April 30, that sounded a bit different:

TrekMovie sources have confirmed that Nimoy indeed is back as Spock Prime and he has already completed his work for the film. 

We’ll see. Usually Trek Movie has been well informed. Maybe it’s all a ploy by Abrams to give us something to talk about while we wait for the movie to come out ;)  Meanwhile, here's a bit of an update by Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty, commented on by Mr. Nimoy.


(May 2012)


(Apr. 2012)

A conversation between actor and Star Trek fan Ben Stiller and Leonard Nimoy, sparked by someone tweeting Stiller about a role in his next movie…


(Apr. 2012)


As Mr. Nimoy twittered on March 31st is now open !!! Also have a Facebook page. . LLAP

The "About Us" statement on the website details what's in store for us and what to look forward to

Since its launch in 2010 as a small shop on known as “Secret Selves,” ShopLLAP has grown to become an online store carrying products relating to Leonard Nimoy and his role as Spock in Star Trek: the Original Series.

Our mission is to make available authentic and unique memorabilia relating to Leonard Nimoy, Spock, and Star Trek. Some of our products are from Mr. Nimoy's personal collection as well.

(Mar. 2012)


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(Mar. 2012)


Please let there be many photos of that. And I'd be on overload if Benedict Cumberbatch would be there, too.

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(Dec. 2011)

twitter_help_shekhinaBecause of problems with the publisher of his first book of photography, Shekhina, Mr. Nimoy asks for help from his followers. Incidentally, I tried to order a copy at the beginning of November from Amazon. They didn't have it in stock, so I choose to be notified when the book would be available again. About a week later I was notified that they won't be able to deliver and my order was cancelled.

(Dec. 2011)

Promised Acting Appearances?


One can at least dream.

A Bear in the House

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This inspired a cartoon on Tumblr

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OMG Mr. Nimoy! I’m your huge fan!

um…Mr. nimoy are you sleeping now?


(Sep. 2011)

Thankfully for us fans the path to Mr. Nimoy's retirement is still paved with upcoming appearances.

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(Aug. 2011)


Mr. Nimoy is writing poetry again and has created a domain for that purpose. Read Irish Eyes at

(Jul. 2011)

Mr. Nimoy twittered a link to this article on Screened "Mr. Spock, Space Wizard. An exploration of how the concept of the wizard translates into science fiction television and films with your friend Mr. Spock from Star Trek."

(Jul. 2011)


YouTube not only gave new life to In Search Of... which Mr. Nimoy hosted, but also to his singing career and it seems he's getting a kick out of it, tweeting the link to a video created with Go!Animate to his rendition of The Mayor of Ma's Cafe.

(May 2011)


On November 15th 2010 Mr. Nimoy had us guessing what this cryptic message might mean.

C:\Documents and Settings\Leonard\Desktop\Poetry\I have walked LLAP

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicOn November 19th he uploaded a scan of his poem to twitpic and the riddle was solved, and the poem identified as being from Warmed by Love.

(Thank you so much, Grace, for the info. If poetry would vanish from the face of the Earth the next day, I wouldn't have noticed a decade later without anyone telling me...)



Good news, Mr. Nimoy is out of the hospital and letting folks know on twitter that he's already making plans. (October 2010)

Out of the hospital and recovering in NY from stomach surgery. Sorry I missed Mass MOCA, Chicago and Long Beach. Hope to reschedule. LLAP
Two surgeries in 2 months. I have more stiches than a baseball !! LLAP

Space Shuttle Crew "Amok Time" Wake-Up Call

As Trek Movie reports,

On Friday morning (at 4:23a ET), the astronauts on Shuttle Discovery in orbit were woken up to the classic Gerald Fried fight music (“The Ritual/Ancient Battle/2nd Kroykah") from the classic Star Trek episode Amok Time. The music was selected for the crew by their Earthbound training team.

Prior to the launch NASA held a vote for some of the songs/music the crew would greet the new work day with. Original compositions were welcome and 1,350 entries in total were received. 40 preliminary finalists were chosen and presented for public vote. The two pieces that got the most votes and will be played are

Blue Sky by Big Head Todd and the Monsters
722,662 votes. Listen live on March 8 at 2:23 a.m.

Star Trek Theme Song by Alexander Courage
671,134 votes. Listen live on March 7 at 2:23 a.m.

By retweeting the information Mr. Nimoy also helped with promoting NASA's "Space Rock" contest.

Cutting my grandson's hair. It runs in the family. My da... on TwitpicMr. Nimoy tweeted a picture of himself cutting his grandson's hair, saying "It runs in the family. My dad was a barber." (August 2010)




Something funny ??     LLAP on Twitpic Mr. Nimoy added another photo to his Twitter account and Trek Movie dug up the rest of the pictures from a series of photos from a barbecue on the Star Trek set. (July 6, 2010)



More pictures from his career in film, television and on stage can be found at Twitpic

conversation with lovely Farrah. RIP on Twitpic With Ingrid Bergman in "  A Woman Called Golda". I played her... on Twitpic In "The Man in the Glass Booth" Globe Theatre, San Diego, Ca.... on Twitpic On Broadway acting in "Equus" in 1977. Great show !!  LLAP on Twitpic
Me with Peter Falk (Columbo) acting in "The Balcony" 1964
  ... on Twitpic The makeup folks put ears on my son Adam to surprise me. A pr... on Twitpic In makeup dep't. with the great DeForest Kelley during the or... on TwitpicFrom "Kid Monk Baroni" 1952   LLAP on Twitpic
Directing Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Patricia Arquette in "... on Twitpic

It's Zachary Quinto's birthday and he's celebrating it with a very special friend, as Trek Movie reports (June 2010):

While making the Star Trek film, Zachary Quinto and the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy developed a strong bond, that continues on. And to show how strong that bond is, Quinto will be spending his birthday evening with Mr. Nimoy. Leonard sent out a tweet this morning, saying "In NY. Meeting Zachary Quinto for dinner tonite. LLAP", to which Quinto replied "only the best birthday present ever!!! can’t wait sir."

Though Leonard Nimoy is not going to return for the next Star Trek film, it seems he's found something to admire about it...

Zoe Saldana...where were you when I was doing the series ??

Me "Tweeting" to everyone in my studio. LLAP on TwitpicIn case someone might still doubt TheRealNimoy is the real Nimoy, here is a pic he posted of himself "tweeting" (April 28, 2010). He also shared a photo of his father at work, cutting hair, and one of him at the Calgary Comic Con, commenting to William Shatner in in another post:

Bill: Outgoing Mayor of Calgary said I should run for the office. Me as Mayor and Shatner as Governor General!!

Earlier he wrote:

@WilliamShatner Bill: You're being considered for Governor General of Canada. Do it !! Finally a chance to do something w/your life. llap


This Global news report about Mr. Nimoy visiting Vulcan also picked up on the story of the Shatner for Governor General story, thwarting hopes by relaying that while Mr. Shatner felt flattered he's not interested in the job.


Looks like Mr. Nimoy makes good use of his Twitter account already by promoting the sale of "Secret Selves" T-shirts by offering personalized autographs to the first ten shoppers, pointing to where to find an explanation for the theme, giving updates on his schedule, Fringe, and communicating with William Shatner and Zachary Quinto. (April 2010)

ATTENTION: Buy a shirt 1st 10 buyers will receive a personalized autograph photo of me as SPOCK. Here:
@WilliamShatner Hey Bill. Coming to my house is a good idea. The food is great, the company is wonderful, and it's all free! LLAP
@ZacharyQuinto Zachary, you are so Spock! LLAP
Home for two days. Next, Colorado Springs and then VULCAN and Calgary !!
Finishing work on Fringe today. Really good experience. The two parter will air in May.


TheRealNimoy on Twitter (April 2010)

As TrekMovie reports Mr. Nimoy is now "the latest Star Trek celebrity to join Twitter, giving fans a new way to keep in touch. And Nimoy is already giving Fringe updates and Twitter-bantering with William Shatner and Zachary Quinto." (April 2010)