Leonard Nimoy

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Leonard Nimoy Poetry

Leonard Nimoy Photography: Leonard Nimoy's very own homepage.

R. Michelson Galleries: Main page for Leonard Nimoy, links to interviews, articles, events, and his body of work as a photographer.

The Official Fanclub: The one and now only. Keep it going, gals.

Maiden Wine: A comprehensive site devoted to Leonard's career as a recording artist.

Thanks to Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy the Great: A wonderful place to stay informed about Leonard's current activities and to meet other fans.

Trek Clippings: A blog dedicated to old clippings from the press for Nimoy, Shatner and Kelley

Daily Nimoy Photo. A picture of Leonard a day, what a lovely idea. (No longer updated)

TrekkerScrapbook: If you still need your fix, try My Daily Spock ("A daily picture of Spock or Leonard Nimoy — depending on which is sexier!") and My Weekly Spock.

LLAP: Portrait pictures of LN or Spock


Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto Official Website

Zachary Quinto UK


William Shatner The official website.

More Shat, Less Shame: A Life Journal community "Because seriously, the man deserves his own community."


DeForest Kelley

DeForest Kelley Forever on Tumbler

Fuck Yeah Dr. McCoy: Don't judge it by the name.

DeForest Kelley Fans on LiveJournal: Photos, fun and more.

Never Gone The DeForest Kelley Fansite: Magazine clippings, wallpapers, music videos, a gallery and much more.

DeForest Kelley Forever: A blog dedicated to keep the memory of De alive. (Not updated anymore, but has some nice stuff.)

DeForest Kelley and McCoy Tribute Page: Rare photos and much love for De. (Not updated anymore)


Mark Lenard Mark Lenard is more than Spock's dad Sarek in star Trek. Find out more about the man and his career here.


Star Trek The official website is back and Leonard Nimoy was chosen to officially welcome the fans.

Birdofthegalaxy's Photostream on Flicker: This is one of the finest collections of behind the scenes photos from TOS I've yet seen. Webpage here.

Forgotten Trek: Information about the production of Star Trek and behind-the-scenes material on the movies, tv series & the series that never was (Phase II) and became ST:TMP instead.

Memory Alpha: The most comprehensive Star Trek database I know. The link transports you to Leonard's biography on Memory Alpha.

My Star Trek Scrapbook: Pure and wholesome and awsome Star Trek nostalgia. Highly recommended!

Star Trek History: The page offers information about the production of TOS, rare behind-the-scenes photos, documents, and interviews.

Trek Core: Check out their rare photos section. Only in the beginning the photos are sorted by show, so don't be fooled later if the featured photo for an album is from Voyager, TNG, DS9 or Enterprise. You might come across such gems as this behind the scenes photo from The Voyage Home or this one from I, Mudd. And what is going on here? The place to go to for news on the upcoming Star Trek movie.



Spock Lives: A page devoted to Spock and the two actors who play him.

Hot4Spock - The Journey of a new Trekkie: 40 years and counting and Spock hasn't lost his touch. Check out the "Ten Reasons Spock is the Most Fascinating Vulcan" if you haven't figured it out already.

Spock Jones: In her own words a place for "the quixotic ramblings of a slightly delusional fangirl."



Vulcanology: a blog about "the people who designed Vulcan props and costumes and created the culture for the Star Trek films and television series." You'll also find reviews of "Vulcan-related books, comics and other merchandise."

Vulcan Language Institute: In case you need to brush up on your Vulcan Language lessons and a dictionary are offered here.

The Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Blog: Vulcan Symbology and Clothing Part 1, Wah Chang and the Vulcan Lyre, TOS Costume Designer William Ware Theiss.

Vibrant Oxymoron. She combines a passion for Dr. Who and Star Trek and writes fantastic articles about the Vulcan culture and language and why you shouldn't feed them sucrose.



Karracaz: Some really great Spock artwork and lots of other stuff.

TOS Art: A blog featuring some very creative wallpapers.

Immortal Sins: Wallpapers for Star Trek and other television series, movies, actors, zine artwork and more.

Spiffacious Wallpapers: Dr. Who, Leonard Nimoy, Severus Snape and others.



Convention Fans: A blog about everything you need to know about going to a convention.

Star Trek Actor Current Appearances: A list for all the Star Trek actors' scheduled appearances, has also Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, Lost, Star Wars and Star Gate.


Music Videos

DoubleTreble1518: Star Trek, Mission Impossible, Torchwood, and many other fandoms. Must see video: Leonard Nimoy - In My Pocket.

Literary Song Videos: Mary S. van Deusen wonderful creations. Many different series/fandoms.



8of5's Guide to the Trek Collective

The Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Blog

Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Authority

Star Trek Comics Checklist

Star Trek Collectors Information Portal: The best developed feature on the page deals with the Star Trek comics issued by, so far, 7 different distributers. Sparse information about trading cards and toys & models.

Star Trek Book List - Reference Manuals



ONTD Startrek: Go here for a feast on behind the scenes pictures from Abrams Star Trek, TNG and TOS.

Life has made a number of older pictures of L.N. available. More recent ones can be found here. has photos from the premiere of Star Trek '09, Saturn Awards,Conventions etc.







Ster Julie: By the author's own admission, The Original Series could be considered an obsession of hers. Check out her stories at her website (no longer being updated since June 2007) or at FanFiction.Net (regularly updated). She writes almost exclusively Spock-centered stories, some het, some slash, and some Baby/Young Spock.



Stuff you find on the net while you weren't looking for it...

Celebrity Networth offers a guess at "what your favorite star got in the bank."

Newsmeat lists celebrities contributions to political campaigns.