Interviews Star Trek '09


Comic Con 2007

J.J. Abrams announcing his two Spocks. (more/close)



USA Today Celeb Watch

Interview from September 2007 when Star Trek was still thought to open in December 2008. Topics: Sylar, first time meeting at Comic Con, the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theater in the newly renovated Griffith Observatory, Zachary Quinto has not yet perfected the Vulcan salute, Spock's emotional state, will the two Spocks meet, it's not just about the looks, interest in space before Star Trek. (more/close)


E! Close UP

Topics: Is Quinto prepared for this, who's the better looking Spock, will old school fans love this movie. (more/close)





Hollywood.TV and The Shatner Project have videos of celebrit arrivals at the premiere of Star Trek. (more/close)



ABC: On the Red Carpet

Topics: Leonard Nimoy is the person people want to see more than anything that evening, what other work would he like people to take notice of that's not Star Trek related, now it's the youngsters' turn to be intimidated when the big guy comes onto the set, he never says never, it's a rumor that he said he wouldn't do another Star Trek. (more/close)


Access Hollywood

‘Star Trek’ LA Premiere, Part III

Topics: Did he immediately agree to do the movie, Zachary Quinto. (more/close)


Access Hollywood

Leonard Nimoy Talks ‘Star Trek’

Topics: Appeal to the general audience, Spock/Uhura, playing Spock again, Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, last day of shooting. (more/close)



Topics: Film captures what he used to be passionate about in Star Trek, audiences enjoy seeing professional people at work. (more/close)



Andrea's Reel Report

Topics: getting flashed the Vulcan salute for the first time, getting his photo with Jimmy Hendricks taken, canon, what made him agree to do the movie, entire theater started applauding when he first appeared on screen, Spock's effect on people's life, being scared at first by what he signed on when he signed for the TV series, process of doing the ears has changed since then, his favorite moment in the movie. (more/close)


Bring Back Star Trek

"As a new Star Trek film starring Simon Pegg is released in cinemas, Justin Lee Collins tries to reunite the cast of Gene Roddenberry's Sixties TV series. He sets up his mission control in Los Angeles and uses every trick in the book to find the likes of William Shatner (Kirk), Leonard Nimoy (Spock), George Takei (Sulu), Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) and Walter Koenig (Chekov)." Go here for the video.


"Cast members from the highly anticipated sci-fi movie "Star Trek" speak about expectations for the new film and their experience working with the original 'Mr. Spock'". (more/close)


CBS Keep'n It Reel

Topics: Origin of the Vulcan greeting and neck pinch. Go here for the video.

CBS Big Picture Greg Moody

Topics: Leonard Nimoy is star attraction at the premiere, otherwise same sound bites as for the CBSnewsonline clip.Go here for the video.


Topics: Leonard Nimoy reveals where he learned to swim, the premiere in Austin Texas, being told that they literally wouldn't make the film without him, re-discovering Spock psychologically after such a long time, Fringe, does he watch his own work, Transformers, and seeing those characters again that have been played by actors that have passed on. (more/close)

Topics: Zachary Quinto, no dos or donts on the subject of playing Spock from Leonard Nimoy. (more/close)



FOX 5 New York: Leonard Nimoy Back In Star Trek

Topics: He called Abrams 'boss' and Abrams called him 'Sir', a visit to a restaurant, advice for those young actors. (more/close)



FOX 32 Chicago, IL: A Few Minutes with Leonard Nimoy

Topics: Origins of the Vulcan salute. (more/close)


FOX 11 News: Star Trek Premieres in Hollywood

Film great coming home for Leonard Nimoy. (more/close)



FOX Dorothy's Entertainment News

Topics: How could he say no to such a great script. (more/close)

Topics: Zachary Quinto, no dos or donts on the subject of playing Spock from Leonard Nimoy. (Same sound bite as for (more/close)


Leonard Nimoy interviewd at 2.05.


Topics: Chance to recapture some of the fun, excitement and quality of Spock, how movie making has changed, Quinto, what would Gene Roddenberry think of the film. (more/close)


Topics: Spock as diasporic character, has Spock mellowed over the years, become more human, Quinto, Spock/Uhura, would he do another Star Trek. (more/close)

Inside Reel, The

Topics: Spock's half Human half Vulcan nature leading to inner struggle, something a lot of young people going through adolescence experience and that Leonard Nimoy can relate to from own experience. How much should your smarts dominate and how much should you express yourself emotionally, should emotions rule or should logic rule, and what's the proper balance? Zachary Quinto preparing for the part. (more/close)

Topics: what was it like to give up the reign to J.J. Abrams, feelings when watching the movie, it could have been disaster. Go here for the video.


Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

The Two Spocks: Quinto & Nimoy (NBC 5/8/09)

Highlights: Still of Leonard Nimoy from the movie shown and him telling somebody said he looked like a pile of rumpled laundry and Zachary Quinto remembering how he met Angelina Jolie and that she told him she'd always been in love with the real Mr. Spock. (more/close)



Late Show with David Letterman: Top Ten

Leonard Nimoy reads the Top Ten List on the show and again reminds Letterman of what he's supposed to promote - Star Trek not Star Wars. (more/close)




Topics: You can see the best Star Trek can be in this movie, revenge. Go here for the video.


NBC Today Show

Fans come in all shapes, sizes, or professions. NBC news anchor Ann Curry got to admit she had one big crush on Spock and meet the actor (and his ears) who played him. (more/close)


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Newsweek: 7 Things Spock on Spock

"5/7/09: In their first video interview together, Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto break down their 'fascinating' character's iconic ears, famous greeting and infamous fans." (more/close)


ReelzChannel Movie News

Topics: touching to see those very talented actors perpetuate the characters whose original actors have passed away, one can see Zachary Quinto's brain working, which is important for the character. (more/close)


Saturday Night Live Weekend Update

Comedy skit about hardcore fans not liking the new cast and movie. (more/close)


SciFi Wire

Topics: From terrific script to terrific actors it all came together to make a great movie. Zachary Quinto and Cris Pine give their impression of Mr. Nimoy, what qualities did Zachary Quinto bring to the character. (more/close)

Writers were on the right track, appreciating what Star Trek and Spock were about. (more/close)

Strange encounter of the Trekkie kind. (more/close)



TV Guide Hollywood 411 Star Trek and Mr. Spock

Topics. Why did he agree to come back, was it easy to get back into character, Zachary Quinto, what do old school fans have to expect. (more/close)


(Note: The video is no longer available on YouTube. Update: found it again here.)

Hosts: well, as we mentioned earlier in the show unfortunately William Shatner is not in the new Star Trek movie.

But Leonard Nimoy is. Hollywood 411's Patrick Stinson talked to Nimoy about getting back into the Spock character and of course the pointy ears.

LN: I felt neglected as an actor in Star Trek for the past 18 years. I haven't been asked to do Star Trek for 18 years.

Q: And why did you agree to this, to come back?

LN: Here came the people and said: We dig Spock. We want to do something with Spock. We understand Spock. We know what the value of the Spock character is. That made me feel very proud.

Q: Was it easy for you to get back into character?

LN: No.

Q: No?

LN: No.

Q: No?

LN: No. Ah...Well...Yes and no. It was difficult to get the look right because the character's like a hundred years older than when we've seen him before and the hair had to be dealt with and new people making the ears have to learn how to do it.

Q: And What do you think about Zachary Quinto who plays...

LN: He's great. He's great. We've had great conversations. We're good friends. I admire what he did in the movie. I told him I'm proud of him. I really believe he did a terrific job.

Q: What do you hope the fans who are old school and have been there forever take away from this film?

LN: I think it’s gonna be a  very exciting invigoration of the entire Star Trek story. I think it's a breath of fresh air for everybody.


TV Guide Big Movie Premiere

Topics: What did he feel when he heard about the idea to redo TOS as a movie, would he do another one. (more/close)


(Note: The video is no longer available on YouTube.)

Q: It doesn't get any better than this! Leonard Nimoy, the original Spock! I mean what are making of all of this craziness that's happening so many years after you appeared in the movies.

LN: I'm having a wonderful time. I think it's a great thing. I'm having a wonderful time. It's a wonderful movie. Great new cast of people playing these characters. I'm very proud of all of them. I'm very happy to be involved.

Q: When you heard they were doing another rendition of this, how did that make you feel?

LN: Well, I was called for a meeting with J.J. Abrams, the director, and Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman as writers. Their conversation about what they wanted to do reawakened a passion in me that I had kind of lost in many years since I was involved with Star Trek. But they reminded me of what I used to get excited about, they reminded me, why I used to be passionate about Star Trek. Made me feel like it could happen. They wrote a script, they send it to me, I read it, and I thought this could really work.

Q: This film hasn't even debuted yet and Paramount has already talked about doing a franchise, you know, putting out several other films. How do you feel about that?

LN: I understand they have already commissioned another script to be written for the next movie because the feeling about this movie is very positive.

Q: Are you gonna possibly appear in any of this?

LN: I have no idea, but I never say never any more.

Q: Never say never - well - can you give us the Vulcan sign?

LN: Sure. Live long and prosper.

Q: There we go, that's all we wanted, thank you so much, lovely to meet you.

View, The

Topics: What was it like putting the ears on again, Shatner trying to drown him in Star Trek IV, Quinto, Angelina Jolie wanting to make Spock scream, Full Body Project. (more/close)

See full appearance here.