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J.J. Abrams is asked if there was any tingle moment for him in shooting Star Trek. (more/close)




J.J. Abrams talks to Hollywood.com about how to direct Leonard Nimoy. (more/close)





Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman talk to Collider.com about (among other things) how Leonard Nimoy acted as their litmus test on whether or not what they were working on could be considered Star Trek. (more/close)


The part where they talk about Leonard Nimoy starts at 5.59.
Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman talk to FirstShowing.net about how they first pitched the story to Leonard Nimoy, how they literally ended it by saying they couldn't do it without him, turning the pitching session into a sort of begging fest, how he just sat there very quite and they were afraid they'd messed it up and he would be out the door. (more/close)
They start talking about the pitching session with Leonard Nimoy at 8:33

Zachary Quinto reveals that he feels very protective of what he and Leonard Nimoy talked about. (more/close)




Star Trek - Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto Interview from (Cool) Shite on Vimeo.


 Mentioning of Leonard Nimoy at 6:51


Zachary Quinto is asked if he experienced a sort of 'pinch me' moment preparing to get into his role. Which for him was going to Leonard Nimoy's house. (more/close)



The question is asked at 1:17


Zachary Quinto talks about being the biggest Leonard Nimoy fan and how seeing them both on the screen in their scenes together gives him an idea how he might look at Mr. Nimoy's age. (more/close)



Leonard Nimoy mentioned at 2:35 and 6:46.


Zachary Quinto has a lot of praise to offer when talking about Leonard Nimoy. (more/close)



Leonard Nimoy talked about at 4:44

Karl Urban (the new McCoy), a longtime Star Trek fan himself, talks about how surreal it felt to be that close to the character he had such a deep appreaciation for. (more/close)



The bit about Spock/Nimoy is at the end of the clip at 6:37.


Simon Pegg, Chris Pine and Leonard Nimoy shared a trailer while shooting their Delta Vega scenes. (more/close)




Go to 3:09


"Dayna Dickens, tourism co-ordinator for Vulcan, recalls getting a phone call from actor Leonard Nimoy" and she thought it was a hoax. For the video go here.