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From FedCon 1994, Germany, here is Robin Curtis recollecting some funny moments from the set of ST III. She tells the same story in the special features on the DVD, but her telling it here is much more animated. (more/close)




If He Were Captain... Spock would never ever ever ever ever be allowed in Scotty's engine room.

James Doohan takes a humorous look at the things he'd change on the Enterprise if he sat in the captain's chair. (more/close)



George Takei reminisces about the naming ceremony for the first space shuttle and how Leonard Nimoy left a Senator speechless. (more/close)




Clip of Walter Koenig talking about Leonard Nimoy directing him in "Star Trek IV", in the scene with the real Marines chasing after him on the deck of the 'real' Enterprise. (more/close)




Behind the Scenes on ST VThis Entertainment Tonight clip about Star Trek V has mainly William Shatner talking, but there is some behind the scenes footage I can't remember having seen before including Leonard Nimoy. (more/close)



Spock was a hit from the beginning with Star Trek TOS writer D.C. Fontana, and Leonard Nimoy was smart enough to keep his mouth shut long enough to land the role. (more)


Walter Koenig

Source: Star Trek » “A thousand actors could play Spock, but there’s only one actor who was Spock & that was @TheRealNimoy" Koenig #STLV « (more)


In this Trek Movie interview Walter Koenig talks about the different directing styles of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner. "Leonard directed by omission, so if he didn’t say anything to you, you were doing fine", but on Shatner: "Bill was just the opposite." [Koenig then emulates Shatner's style of saying "that was so good."] (more/close)


A recap of the talk "Star Trek V in 70MM" at the Royal Theater in West LA. can be found at here at Trek Movie.

Conan_2011_02Mr. Nimoy obviously participated in a sketch for the Conan late night show by posing for stills that would allow Conan to refute a fan challenge that caught him doing the Vulcan salute wrong, calling on George Takei as an expert witness to detail Mr. Nimoy's "disability." (more)

george_takei_2011 In this video starting at 2.30 min George Takei talks about an incident while filming TOS that involved a photographer documenting Mr. Nimoy's make-up process. (more/close)



William Shatner's Favorite Moment While Shooting Star Trek V, Dragon Con 2011. Standing arm in arm with Leonard Nimoy, eating fried egg sandwiches at sunrise. (more/close)




Harve Bennett was invited in 2011 to participate in SOFaT's (Southern Oregon Film and Television) Filmmaker Series. During the Q&A following the screening he also talked about the cast and crew working on the movie. (more/close)


I never understood why Leonard became an actor, he is a pure intellect... Very bright, very gifted, and there is something about his non-acting that makes him an authority figure. You put the ears on him and it all came together...


He talks some more about Star Trek II, being a producer, J.J. Abram's Star Trek, the humor in ST IV, and how he came to work on Trek and working in Television.


Star Trek's William Shatner: I have no ego, BBC Hardtalk (2012)

Wasn't it hard on William Shatner being the leading man when there was a clamor from the viewers for more of Spock? The guy with the pointed ears who, he remembers, would have an occasional word to say like 'not now captain' or something like that. Now, one could be cross with Shatner for his dismissive attitude, but rewatching the first season of Star Trek, I was amazed how little Spock actually had to do in the first couple of episodes. Video here.


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