Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (2012)

Leonard Nimoy will reprise his part as Master Xehanort in a new Kingdom Hearts installment to be released on July, 20th 2012. Xenahort functions as the main antagonist in the game. (more)


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (2011)

Mr. Nimoy lends his voice to Master Xehanort in the game. (more)



Star Trek Online (2011)

Leonard Nimoy provides the voiceover for the introduction and key scenes and events in the game. (more)



Civilization IV (2005)

Leonard Nimoy narrates the story of the rise of civilizations beginning with the formation of the planet Earth, the evolution of life from single cells to complex organisms and, finally, the appearance of humanity on the scene. He also reads the "Tech" quotes which mostly consist of words of wisdom or sayings related to the item or skill the player can buy. (more)

Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

The IMDB lists his credit simply as "voice Atlantean King". None of the reviews of the game mentions him explicitly and the few screenshots I've seen suggest that maybe merely footage from the movie was used in the game. (If you have more information, please let me know)

Seaman (1999)

Leonard Nimoy did the introduction to the game, gave hints and advice, and welcomed the player at the start of a gaming session, also updating him/her on the progress made. (more)


Leonard Nimoy's Primortals Interactive Comic Book & Reference Guide (1996)

The CD-Rom provides background on the development of the comic books, SETI and the Primortals' universe and characters. You can choose between four characters (Primaster, Zeerus, Stewart and Jess) to follow the story from their point of view. (more)


Star Trek Judgement Rites (1993)

(IMDB) "Eight missions featuring the original Enterprise and her crew." #Voice of Spock (more)




Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (1992)

IMDB "You control Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise as you experience a new series of adventures in the final frontier." #Voice of Spock (more)