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My original aim for this page was to give the music videos I have created over the years alone or in collaboration with friends a home on the net.

In the meantime I found YouTube, though. Problem mostly solved. Still, there was the idea of sharing my thoughts (rambles, opinions, ravings) about my favorite actor with other fans of Leonard Nimoy. While the page name may not be the most original in the world, I think it reflects best what you'll find here.

Spock was the role that made Leonard Nimoy famous. And while he is most notoriously identified with it, Spock is neither the limit nor the end of Mr. Nimoy's scope as an artist. Beyond Spock also seemed an appropriate title since my own interests are not limited to Star Trek or Leonard Nimoy. This will become apparent mostly in the music video section of this page. Other shows and actors I enjoy watching include The Closer, Due South, Buffy, Angel, Lost, Paul Gross and Zachary Quinto.

I started watching Heroes in its first season and strangely found myself rooting for the bad guy for the first time in my viewing experience. Later I read that Zachary Quinto showed interest in playing Spock in the new Star Trek movie, and I really kept my fingers crossed for him to get the role. Lucky me - now I got to see both of them as Spock. Though, suddenly, doing a mind meld takes on a whole different meaning...






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