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Leonard Nimoy's Primortals

1995 - 1997


#11 Illegal Aliens

Primaster's group has been spotted and attacked by the military. He orders that only the helicopters' weapons are targeted. The military, feeling suddenly naked without their guns, orders a tactical withdrawal. MacMahon finally gets his dearest wish. He and Primaster shake hands. By the time the men in black show up on the scene, the party is gone. In the oval office, the President blows a fuse over loosing track of the aliens. Thinking nobody would look for them there, MacMahon hides them in an old building he owns that is scheduled to be torn down soon.

They discuss strategies for getting to Zeerus and convincing the U.N. that the Primortals are really the good guys when the FBI comes knocking. It comes to a fight. Not wanting to hurt any of the attackers, Primaster uses his returning energies to create a protective bubble and transports them away.



Back in New York, the Primortals plan to get the ship that's still sitting in Central Park under their control, while Primaster intents to settle a few scores with Zeerus and then leave. After all they risked for their alien visitors, Stewart feels cheated by this development. Primaster promises they'll think about returning when the humans are more ready to deal with their presence.

As expected, Zeerus isn't coming without a fight and Prisar is shot at when politely approaching the soldiers guarding their ship and asking for it's return. Things get worse when Commander Narab, a huge gorilla type creature, decides to get down to business and, misjudging the fragility of the human body, crushes the skulls of two soldiers. Primaster, meanwhile, has Zeerus at his throat at the landing site when the FBI rounds them up once more. Pandemonium breaks loose, in the middle of which the ambassador of Parmistan from the Middle East arrives to offer Zeerus political asylum.


#13 Cross Country Part I

Stewart and Jess have been let go by the officials and drive back from Dry Dunes Military Base to New York. They find the world changed in their absence. The price for gas has skyrocketed, stores are picked clean, and the populace is stocking up on guns. A clerk explains that drivers are too afraid of being abducted by UFO's to cross the country over empty roads.

The only place still operating is a fast food restaurant because their drivers are paid extra. It's there that Stewart is recognized from media coverage and a riot breaks loose as people blame him for bringing aliens to Earth. At the base, the Primortals bide their time and over Parmistan Zeerus looks a bunch of missiles into the eye.


#14 Cross Country Part II

Zeerus is declared dead and mourned with pomp and circumstance in Parmistan while in reality he's been caged and placed under heavy guard at the Prime Minister's orders who wants to make him his pawn.

Jess and Stewart drive into Safewater, Kentucky, and find the town up in arms, waiting for the invasion to happen. Roads are blocked and Stewart is recognized again at a checkpoint. Things turn ugly afterwards. A police officer rescues them from the mob.

In Las Vegas Primaster stands up to questioning by the press. They want to know why he hasn't left Earth now that Zeerus is dead.

MacMahon is afraid for Jess' and Stewart's life with hatred in abundance throughout the country.

An anonymous source warns the world that Zeerus is alive, free, ready to conquer Earth, and that he has an atom bomb he threatens to detonate in a big city.


#15 Cross Country Part III

Stewart and Jess get an address in Martinsburg, Ohio, where they can hide for a while. On arrival Jack Cassady turns out to be the brother of the police officer from Safewater who offers people in need a place to stay on his farm. One of them is Dana, who fled with her daughter, Tara, from an abusive husband. Tara repeats to Jess what she heard the grownups say, that things'll get better and that the aliens will help fix the world's problems. Stewart overhears them and goes ballistic. They're neither Satan nor saviors, he rages, but beings with their own goals, and problems, and shortcomings like anybody else.

Zeerus issues humanity an ultimatum - give up the Primortals or get nuked. The military wants to put them in protective custody after an attack, but Primaster thinks it's just a convenient way to keep them under close observation and declines. That she unwittingly aided in this gives Zeerus Japanese interpreter and English teacher at the U.N. nightmares.

In Ohio, Jacks farm is under fire by Dana's husband, Max, and his friends. Max has them at gunpoint when Stewart and Jack try to smuggle Dana and Tara out the back door. He's so busy gloating about how clever he is that he realizes too late that Jess points a gun at his own head. She's sick and tired of people hating them because they can't control what's happening to them.

The source in Parmistan comes through with news. The city Zeerus want's to bomb is the capital of Parmistan itself.